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How to Build, Nurture, and Monetize Your Fan Base with Social Media

Taylor Swift's former manager, Rick Barker shares insights into how independent artists can grow their following on social media and earn consistent income with their music.

How To Quit Your Job And Become A Full Time Musician

Professional songwriter/composer Tommy Zee explains how he collects big paychecks from the biggest companies in the world without any need for a label, streaming revenue, or any of the more "traditional" sources of income for artists.

Get Your Music Featured On Popular Music Blogs and Playlists

SubmitHub founder, Jason Grishkoff shares some KILLER tips on how to use the SubmitHub platform most effectively to get your music featured on Spotify playlist, reviewed by popular music bloggers, shared by influencers and more.

How Music Royalties Work + Music Publishing 101

Noelle Gambuti from Songtrust explains how music publishing and songwriting royalties work, and how you can be sure that you received ALL royalties that are owed to you.

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