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Musician Resources

This section of the site is intended to provide musicians with the marketing and promotional tools and resources necessary to be successful in their professional careers. Please take a moment to review the resources listed here to determine how they can be helpful to you.

We intend to continuously update this section of the site with the most helpful resources that we can find for professional musicians. If you have any suggestions or requests for specific resources that you think may be helpful, please let us know by contacting us or posting your suggestions on our Facebook page!

Music Review Sites

Submit your music for review to get free publicity, increase exposure, and get more fans!

Music Blogs

Reach out to bloggers that write about your genre of music to get more exposure. Here's a list by genre

Music Marketing Training

Learn how to promote your music, build a following, and connect with fans 

Playlist Curators

Get your music added to popular playlists here