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Music Review Sites

Below you will find many, many music review sites categorized by genre. These are sites that you can submit your music to and get reviewed by professionals (for free), and get exposure to a whole new audience that you may otherwise never reach.

music review sites

We do our best to continuously update this list with the most relevant music review sites possible. If you own, contribute to, or simply enjoy reading the reviews on a site/publication that is not listed on one of the pages below, please feel free to submit the site to us by contacting us directly, posting a link on our Facebook page, tweeting us @JamMobSocial.

If you notice any sites in the listings below that are no longer active, please don't hesitate to let us know.  We will do our best to keep this page updated, so you will have access to the most relevant music review sites for your genre.

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Music Review Sites By Genre

Rock, Pop, Indie

If you write, record, or perform music in the Rock, Pop, or Indie genres, CLICK HERE for a comprehensive list of sites that will review your music.

Blues Music Review Sites

Websites and blogs that review Blues music.  To get your music reviewed, contact the sites listed here.

Children's Music

To have your music reviewed by Children's Music review sites, click here.

Christian Music


Click Here for sites that review recordings of classical/art music.

Country Music

Get your country music album reviewed by top sites listed here.

Dance and Electronic Music

Dance and Electronic music reviewers can be found here.


If most people consider your music to be a little "out there"... Click Here to have it reviewed by someone who can appreciate it.


Folk music review sites are listed here.


If you're a musician that hates the sun, but lays down some killer tracks... Contact these guys to get some more exposure for your art!

Hip Hop

Here's a list of sites that review hip hop music.

Jam Bands

If your fans can't go to a show without catching a contact buzz, you may want to submit your music for review by one of these sites.


Find a list of Jazz review sites here.


Haga clic aquí para tener su música revisado.


Sites that review music targeted towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals can be found here.


For mainstream music review sites, click here.


Metal review sites can be found here.

New Age

Get reviewed my New Age publications here.

Progressive Rock

Click here to view a list of Progressive Rock review sites.


A list of Punk review sites can be found here.

R&B / Soul

Websites and blogs that review R&B / Soul music are located here.


If your fans can't go to a show without catching a contact buzz, AND you don't consider yourself a Jam Band, you're probably looking for one of these sites to get your music reviewed.

Women's Music

If you're a woman, and you write music specifically for other women... Click Here to get your music reviewed by some other women.

World Music

Sites that review music from around the world can be found here.