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Ways to Increase Artist Merch Sales with Social Media - How Do We Marry the Two?

Selling artist merchandise is still a great way for artists to bring in revenue. It’s also a unique way to provide fans with the opportunity to get out there and provide visibility for their favorite artist. Every time your fan is wearing one of your branded t-shirts or hats, it is being seen by their […]

How To Sell Music In 2013

Understanding how to sell music online is imperative for independent artists. Fortunately there are many resources available that help to greatly simplify this task for musicians. The music industry has changed considerably over the past few decades. One of the biggest changes is in the way music is distributed and sold. Despite all of the […]

Band Merch – How To Create And Sell Merch Online

Band merch is an incredible way to grow your following for two reasons… 1.) It provides a revenue stream, so you can keep the lights on (and hopefully reinvest into more promotion) 2.) It’s free advertising for your band… actually, it’s better than free since your fans PAID YOU for the privilege of advertising for […]

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