December 6, 2017

This is a topic for which you could write a book, especially when it comes to being able to understand the complex ins and outs of generating income online. Teaching is only part of the picture, you’ll also need to understand how to become good at marketing, including how get visitors to your site and how to optimize revenue. So, for this article, we have set out some key pointers you must understand and utilize in order to be a successful online music tutor.

Understand your niche and target audience

It will be too difficult to teach everything. So decide who and what you will teach; for example basics for beginners, easy guitar songs or, maybe electric guitar soloing.

User-Friendly Website

Ensure you have a user-friendly website that is easy on the eye, and very transparent with regards to what you will be teaching. There are numerous websites that will enable you create a website by yourself, such as Wix.

Engaging Content

Create engaging content by including include text, imagery and video, to vary the content and way you deliver your messages and lessons. Make sure the content of your lessons is easily viewable from all devices including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Create discussion forums to spark conversations and debate, or set up a Facebook Group. This will also help you understand your audience and what they want to learn i.e. meeting expectations and demand.

Promote Your Product or Service

Look to utilize affiliates to help promote your products or services. If you have an offer that converts well, you can often leave it to them to promote and sell your products for you. Utilize different ways to sell your product by using coupons and promotions, incentivizing sign ups/subscriptions. Set up payment plans and offer subscription and non-subscription options. Maybe even bundle up a series of lessons for a discount.

Target your Most Successful Markets

Determine the initial source where a student heard about you, and identify which campaign converted them into customers. The whole point of this is to ensure you target your most successful markets, as much wasted time can be spent haphazardly targeting one group of people who are not converting. Stick with the successes and build from there, even if it takes a bit of time to identify them. And here are the two most important attributes and assets you will need to succeed.

  1. Be yourself and “personalise” your teaching. You need to have a USP, which in most cases is the way you teach. Try not to blindly go through the motions and just teach what is necessary. You do not necessarily need to be flamboyant, but engaging with your students by trying to appear that you are in the room with them is really important. Make it feel like 1 to 1 tuition.
  2. And finally, you will need to be focused and committed, as there will be both highs and lows as you pursue your goal. If you believe in yourself and what you are offering, the chances are, with a lot of hard work and dedication, you will succeed.

Best of luck in everything you do.

Music Promotion Insiders
Music Promotion Insiders

About the author 

Andy Partirdge

As a well respected player, teacher and coach, Andy Partridge is the lead instructor for Guitar Coach Magazine. Andy’s gentle step by step approach, and detailed note by note lessons, will give you the confidence, reassurance and motivation you need to really achieve your guitar playing goals sooner than you thought possible. His relaxed and engaging teaching style (complete with sometimes questionable jokes) make learning easier, faster, and so much more fun.

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