by Justin

January 9, 2019

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Relying too much on Instagram for your music promotion and fan engagement can be a slippery slope if you're not smart about it.

Instagram is a great platform for connecting with fans, and every musician can take advantage of IG stories, DMs, and other tools to further their music career.

BUT there is one major drawback to making Instagram the primary focus of your efforts to engage and interact with fans.

In this video, I explain what that hidden danger is, and how you can avoid it.


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Music Promotion Insiders
Music Promotion Insiders

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Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, Justin Smith is a marketer and entrepreneur that has been helping independent artists promote their music online since 2008. He has a Bachelor of Science in Recording Industry Management from MTSU and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from The University of Tennessee. As the founder of JamMob, he has continued to dedicate himself to helping independent artists pursue careers in the music industry.

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