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September 26, 2018

There are a lot of ways to get more plays on Soundcloud, but one of the most effective ways to get new streams from new fans that may have never heard your music before is by having other people repost your tracks.

When you repost a track, that track is added to the top of your profile. When anyone views your profile, they’ll see the track and have the chance to listen to it.

In addition to being posted to your profile, the track will also be shared to your stream. Anyone that follows you will also see it appear in their stream.

It’s pretty clear why as an artist, you would want people to repost your tracks. If somebody with a lot of followers reposts one of your tracks, that track is going to show up in the streams of all of their followers, and you’re going to get a lot of exposure to new listeners.

So how do you get people to repost your music?

Well, first and foremost, you should always be networking with other artists similar to you. If you know a lot of artists that have a similar style of music to yours and are at about the same level in their career as you are, you guys can help each other out a lot by reposting each others tracks whenever you release a new one.

In addition to the type of organic networking that you should be doing whenever possible anyway.

You can also utilize services like Repost Exchange.

Repost Exchange is a site that helps you organically increase your SoundCloud engagement by facilitating reposts between likeminded artists.

First, you start out by reposting tracks for other artists. By doing that, you earn credits, which you can cash in to have other artists repost your tracks.

The number of credits you earn is based on the number of followers you have. You earn 1 credit per repost for every 100 followers you have. If you have 1,000 followers for example, you earn 10 credits per repost.

Once you’ve earned 50 credits, you can start a campaign with one of your own tracks, and other artists on Repost Exchange will start reposting your music so they can earn credits for themselves.

It’s a win/win for everybody and a great way to get more exposure for your music and more plays and overall engagement for your SoundCloud profile.

Click here for more details about how Repost Exchange works exactly.

But it’s fairly straightforward, so you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Getting other people to repost your music on SoundCloud is one of the best ways to get more plays and more overall engagement, and Repost Exchange makes it easy for you to get your tracks reposted.

If you want some more tips to get more people streaming your music check out this post on getting more streams on Spotify.

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Music Promotion Insiders

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