November 16, 2015

By the hour, more and more artists turn to the online world to spread their music, get it heard, and increase fans. As such channels become more and more overcrowded with upcoming artists seeking attention, music promotion proves a necessity. For the starting and independent artists, the digital world presents free services and opportunities for such a promotion. To make it easier for artists and cut down on some valuable search time, Anthony Katz, a music industry expert and co-founder at MusicPromoToday, created a list of 10 sources to direct independent artists.

1. Social Media Always Works

Social media channels present an easy to use platform for artists seeking to develop their fan base. Twitter, in particularly, has proven to be especially effective for artists. Artists can search to locate and target their fan base in specific areas or to connect with artists in their genre, share information, contacts, and create collaboration opportunities. Twitter is known for generating connections and contacts, and typically with strangers. Facebook and Instagram are also effective for artists to share their music, engage with fans and produce traffic. Social media has a high potential for artists. For those seeking to do this alone and for free, often, only basic developments can be made, while with professionals, full potential of social media campaigns can be tapped into and delivered. 

2. Paid Advertising is a Low-Cost Investment

Buying ads, banners and even landing pages are a great way to promote your music. Spending a few bucks on paid advertisement that’s targeted or advertises something specific, like promoting an event, a launch of a single or video, upcoming gigs or shows, is a cost-effective measure artists can take. If used properly and with analytics analysis in hand, these ads can deliver significant results. 

3. Conferences and Events: Get the Word Out

Get yourself out there. Register to play at local, regional and national events, play at charity events, collaborate with other artists to put on a show, or just get the neighborhood together and play for an afternoon just for the sake of playing. Get creative, get the word out, make connections, make sure you document the event, and just enjoy the day. There are also various music conferences that can help you make connections, develop collaboration opportunities, just stay up to date on the music industry, and even get a few hints on music promotion. 

4. Blogs and Blogging: Be Discovered Online

Reach out to bloggers, take the time to develop relationships and partnerships with bloggers. There is a massive community of music blogs and bloggers looking for fresh talent and a new sound to share with their readers. Don’t be afraid to guest blog, advertise yourself, and even start your own blog. The potential to drive heavy traffic through blogs and bloggings is immense. Tap into it and see the impact. 

5. Sponsorship is Possible

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or money. Write to local businesses, restaurants, cafes, bars, and museums. Perfect your pitch letter. Find a common ground and a potential for mutual benefit without selling out your soul or music. It can be done! 

6. Crowdfunding Can Expand Your Fan Base 

If you are not comfortable with the idea of a sponsor, or just want to do something on a different scale, crowdfunding is a great way to get yourself out there and bring in some money. If you have a strong fan base, direct your efforts towards them first, have them spread the word, but also make sure that you appeal to a larger audience with you crowdfunding agenda and storyline.

7. Give out your music for free, even if it’s for a limited time 

Giving out your music for free can be a special treat for your fans, or a show of appreciation on your part. Don’t be afraid to share the free treat with all the corners of the internet. As a starting point, getting your music to as many people as possible, and of course, getting it heard, is your goal. You will see, giving it out for free will in return get you more gigs, visibility, and attention. 

8. Find DJs to play your music in their mixtape

There are thousands of DJs out there looking for the next perfect song to include in their mixtape to keep their listeners satisfied. Again, just like with the bloggers, develop a relationship first. Choose your best hit, or one that will fit their taste, and send it over. Be persistent, keep communication open, and always show your appreciation. Make sure you get the word out, direct your fans and audience to the mixtape online. 

9. Record a cover of a popular song 

Seems like nowadays, everybody is doing it. Record a cover song. What’s the point if everyone is doing it? Well, it will get you searched, increasing your views, bringing you relevant and targeted traffic, or in other words, an audience that you know already has a liking to your sound and style. 

10. Enter a Music Competition

There are various competitions online that merely ask you to submit a song or a track to get a certain reward. Keep your eyes open for such opportunities and don’t waste your time. Amongst all the promises, be wise about the way you spend your time. 

The internet is full of wonder and promises. For those who know where to look, and what to look for, it can be quite effective, and even lucrative in the long run. We wish you a smart use of your time, and effective self-promotion. 

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Larisa Aslanyan

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