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YouTube, for bands, is almost as important as knowing how to play an instrument, or at least that’s the way it seems these days. So let’s talk about how to get discovered on YouTube.

In a moment, I’m going to share with you a secret about YouTube for bands that will allow you to break through all of the other artists trying to be heard and get your music on everyone’s playlists.

But, let’s back up for a second and quickly take a look at some examples of how some artists have made it big without “paying their dues” in the traditional sense.

It used to be essential for bands to spend years playing shitty dive bars before ever getting an opportunity to make it as a real (you can pay your rent on time now) musician.

I remember being at a music conference in Nashville back in early 2008 when the music industry was just starting to tap into the power of social media as a promotional tool.

One of the speakers was discussing some (now-defunct) social media platform that has (just like so many others) now faded into obscurity. He was very optimistic about the potential of the site (I honestly can’t even remember the name now). Even though it never took off, he was right about one thing… Social media is an immensely powerful tool for bands.

However, a lady in the audience raised an interesting question.  She asked if there had been any case studies of a major artist that had become a success solely through social media. Everyone kind of looked around the room, but nobody had an answer.

At the time, the industry was talking about how artists like Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead were such innovators in the way they utilized social media to connect with fans, but they already had a huge following when they created their MySpace accounts.  ...yes, this was back when MySpace was still “the next big thing”.

The fact of the matter was we really didn’t have any case studies of an artist that had BECOME a major success through social media.

Well, little did we know that at right about that exact same moment, this little kid that nobody had ever heard of was uploading this video to YouTube…

I’m not going to waste your time explaining the incredible amount success that Justin Bieber has had as a result of being discovered on YouTube. Unless this is your first day on Earth, you’re probably well aware of how huge he’s become.

(…and if this is your first day on Earth, I’m really impressed that you can read this, and welcome to the blog.)

Justin Bieber has had a tremendous amount of success, and if it wasn’t for YouTube, we may never have heard of him. Some people may prefer that scenario… but that’s neither here nor there.

The point is that it’s now become obvious just how powerful YouTube has become as a launch pad for new artists.

So maybe you’d like to know how to get discovered on YouTube. It can seem like a daunting task with all of the competition out there, but today’s your lucky day.

I’m going to share a little secret with you that most bands on YouTube don’t know about. YouTube has actually outlined a step-by-step blueprint for bands to optimize their channels to get discovered.

I’m serious, you may think that all bands are doing this stuff, but you’d be VERY WRONG. Once you read through these step-by-step instructions for optimizing your YouTube presence, go check out what other artists are doing and you’ll discover quickly that they have no clue.

In this free guide you will discover exactly:

  • How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel For Better Discovery
  • How To Release An Album Or Song On YouTube
  • How Frequently You Should Upload Content
  • If You’re A Manager or Label, You’ll Learn How To Utilize Your Talent/Artists For The Greatest Impact
  • You’ll Discover How To Increase The Amount Of Time People Spend Watching Your Videos
  • You’ll Learn About Cross-Promoting With YouTube
  • And Lastly, You’ll Learn All About How To Use YouTube To Increase Fan Engagement

This is a completely free guide on YouTube for bands, and it was created solely for the purpose of helping artists like you better understand how to get discovered on YouTube. Click Here to download your copy.

Featured Image: YouTube | Photo: CBS News 

Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, Justin Smith is a marketer and entrepreneur that has been helping independent artists promote their music online since 2008. He has a Bachelor of Science in Recording Industry Management from MTSU and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from The University of Tennessee. As the founder of JamMob, he has continued to dedicate himself to helping independent artists pursue careers in the music industry.
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