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March 1, 2021

In 2021, there is no denying that social media is a huge part of being a musician. 

Social media is one of the top ways that music lovers around the world go about discovering new artists — and you need to be in on the action. 

To grow organic fans that will download your music with every new release, a dedicated social media plan is a must. Think of social media as the bass element of a track — it’s the building block that enables everything else to take shape. 

In this article, we’re giving you the top five unique strategies you need to implement to build your presence as a musician. 

Optimize Platform Usage 

When it comes to connecting with fans, finding the right platform is key. If you have a good following on Twitter or Instagram specifically, push into those mediums. Once you’ve built a crowd on one platform, you can start cross-promoting to others. 

This is part of understanding that your time and resources are limited. If you don’t have a following on Tik Tok, it’s probably not a good idea to dump your energy into growing a base that doesn’t exist. 

Additionally, you should avoid over-posting. Clogging your followers' feed with clutter will not only make them more likely to scroll on by, but it could lead to them unfollowing you altogether. Here’s a general guide for how much you should be posting per-platform: 

Twitter: 1-3 times per day 
Instagram: 1-3 times per week 
Facebook: 4-8 times per week 

Use Attractive Visuals

Your goal is to make people stop scrolling — which is no easy feat. Social media is filled with interesting stuff, much of which doesn’t require sound. 

In order to get people to stop and click on their volume, you need to produce an eye-catching visual. You can do this through: 

  • Graphic Design 
  • Video Elements 
  • Provoking Photographs 

On a very foundational level, you just want to get people curious. Once you’ve got them interested, your music can do the talking from there on. 

Cross-Promote With NEW Artists 

When it comes to the music industry, connections are everything. 

You’re probably already cross-promoting with your friends, but what about tapping in to an even larger audience? 

Reach out to artists with a similar following to you with personalized messages. Take some time to listen to their stuff then pay a genuine compliment to open the door for cross-promotion. 

If you’re in New York, try reaching out to artists in Chicago. If you’re in LA, reach out to musicians in Denver. By cross-promoting in this way, you can reach new geographic and demographic audiences, making for a larger presence outside of your own neighborhood. 

Show Off Your Personality With Versatile Content 

We don’t want to break your heart — but when it comes to music promotion — it’s not necessarily all about the music, especially in the modern age. 

People are looking to connect with a personality. When fans feel like they know you, they’re more likely to play your music. 

So, how do you make this connection? 

By switching up your content. If you’re at a cool event, go live on Instagram. If you’re feeling silly, make a funny video on Twitter. 

Talk directly to your fans and reply to comments. Interaction is king!

Be Patient and Trust the Process 

Let’s start you off with the bad news: you aren’t going to gain Insta-stardom overnight. 

The good news is, with patience and effort, you will grow an organic social media following. 

If you’re not getting the results you want, that doesn’t mean that your music isn’t good enough, or that people just don’t care. It just means that you need to take steps to build brand recognition, which takes time

Make sure to publicly celebrate your successes on social media and show appreciation for the fans that you do have. This will make people more willing to share your music with their friends, leading to organic growth that creates an exponential curve as time goes on. 

Takeaways: Your Time is Coming! 

As an artist in a highly competitive field, trust that effort endures. 

Lots of people are going to quit because social media marketing is just too hard. Don’t let that be you. Put in the work, and you’re going to see results. 

And to ensure that you’re on the right track, do these things: 

  1. Optimize platform usage by focusing on your strengths — consistency and dosage is key. 
  2. Use attractive visuals to get people to stop scrolling. 
  3. Cross-promote with artists in different markets. 
  4. Switch up your content to show off your whole personality. 
  5. Be patient and celebrate success as it comes. 

If you do these things — you’re going to see better results with social media engagement. 

It’s time to get out there and start building your social media plan! Don’t hesitate — your outreach starts today. 

Music Promotion Insiders
Music Promotion Insiders

About the author 

Jack Berning

Jack Berning is a lyricist and songwriter who specializes in helping up-and-coming artists reach their goals. He also currently works as a Marketing Advisor for Milestone Management and as a freelance writer specializing in the entertainment industry. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

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