March 18, 2021

Social media is dominating the music marketing space. So much so that it can seem daunting for musicians to get traction in such a saturated market. While there are plenty of great tips to help you develop a presence online, why hasn’t technology like AI caught up to how labels discover artists?

That’s where Andrson comes in. This Dublin-based start-up is on a mission to connect undiscovered musicians to labels, managers, and agents using data analytics, machine learning, and AI. 

Their mission is to take A&R into the digital age while keeping artists happy and labels stocked with fresh undiscovered talent. 

But what does adding analytics and AI to A&R mean? And how can undiscovered artists take advantage of Adrson’s benefits? To find out, read on. 

How Andrson Works

Andrson launched in early 2020—originally as a mobile app—with an easy-to-use and intuitive web-interface. Behind the scenes, you can find data scientists and ML engineers pouring through loads of data points to provide a realistic framework for discovering new artists. 

The algorithms they have designed allow for the content artists place on their profiles to be searched by industry pros across a staggering array of criteria. Once you load up a song in the app’s Music Analysis section, it gets locked in the growing artist database.

Then AI will analyze your track against thousands of other artists and songs. It looks for other artists you might sound similar to and provides a “sounds-like” percentage. 

From here, industry pros can search for artists in the discovery section of the app. They can search based on several criteria, most notably by similar-sounding artists.

Let’s say a label is on the hunt for a female singer between the ages of 20-26 who lives in New York and sounds like Teyana Taylor. With Andrson, they can search based on these exact criteria and be matched with undiscovered and emerging artists with a click of a finger.

As you can imagine, this has the potential to really help labels and managers find fresh talent. But what are some benefits for artists who use Andrson?

Artist Benefits from Using Andrson

Andrson aims to bridge the gap between industry pros and talent in a digital way. As an artist, there are some stellar benefits to being on the platform.

Benefits of Andrson:

  • Access to the industry—Andrson brings the labels, managers, and A&R right to you. Once you upload your tunes to be analyzed, they are available for any industry professional to discover.
  • Connecting to other artists—While Andrson primarily connects artists to the industry, there is also a social media side of the app. From here, you can collaborate, discover and stay in contact with other artists like yourself in a fun and engaging way. 
  • Easy to use design—Part of Andrson’s appeal is how easy it is to use the sleek app. Both mobile and desktop versions are now available. 
  • Ways people search—Because Andrson uses AI to match similar sounding artists, subjective factors like streaming numbers don’t play a role. You may not have a huge Instagram or Twitter following—which you can change—but as long as you get into the searches of industry pros, they can discover you.

Andrson is still a relatively new platform. While users have swelled to the point that a desktop app was needed, there is still plenty of room to carve out your own space on Andrson.

Let’s face it; music marketing can be a challenge. Anderson adds another tool to your kit for inbound leads, and it does so somewhat passively. Growing your name and promoting your music can be tricky, so you need to take advantage of multiple marketing avenues.

Who is Behind Andrson?

Zach Miller-Frankel and Neil Dunne founded Andrson. The team behind the app consists of music industry veterans and talented data scientists. 

Its mission is to create a platform catered to artists and managers. To keep this objective in sight, the team has several core values it tries to follow:

  • Passion for music and music discovery
  • A commitment to putting music first to service the industry
  • A commitment to accuracy

Their dedication to keeping up their extensive song database means both top artists and rising stars get equal treatment. Upkeeping the algorithms that are the foundation of the app takes time, and Andrson has shown that it aims to keep things artist-focused. 

This is reflected in their pricing model. They have two plans based on how often you intend to use the platform:

  • Free plan—includes limited music and video uploads and one audio analysis per month.
  • Premium subscription—For around $10, you can enjoy unlimited uploads and analysis with complete industry visibility.

This pricing makes it a no-brainer when it comes to experimentation.


Andrson is just scratching the surface when it comes to AI and data analytics in the music industry. The team behind the app has crafted a well-designed and user-friendly experience. 

The platform’s potential to connect artists and industry professionals in a novel and engaging way has only started to turn heads. And for artists, Andrson can be a great asset to get on label’s radars. 

Combine that with the outreach potential in the app’s community side, and you can see why it has gained momentum so quickly. While Andrson has its free plan available, there is no reason not to experiment and test out the coming age of music marketing.

Music Promotion Insiders
Music Promotion Insiders

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