How To Plan Your Next Music Release (On Any Budget)

ContentsLet’s Get Started!DistributionSingles or Albums?Single Release Strategy Uploading MusicPlaylist SubmissionActive PromotionAdditional Promotion

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Spotify Playlist Curator

5 Ways for Independent Artists to Get on Spotify Playlists - for Free

Every aspiring musician wants to get their playlist on Spotify; that’s a

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browsing music at a fair by Artificial Photography

The KFS Factor: Making Money as an Independent Artist

A common misconception that’s somehow still prevalent in 2021 is that no

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Retro style cassette

Copyrights and Royalties: What YOU need to know

So one of the questions I hear most from independent artists is

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Grow Fanbase

How To Grow Your Fanbase Without Relying on Streaming

There's no doubt that the popularity of streaming music is skyrocketing. For

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Sell Band Merch Online

How To Sell Band Merch Online (...the EASY way)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that

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Is Social Media A Waste of Time For Aspiring Musicians?

Art can be a hard thing to sell, especially in 2018. Odds

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