band merch

6 Simple Tweaks To Sell More Merch At Your Shows

Merch sales have always been one of the top income sources for

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music festival

Getting Yourself Out There At Summer Festivals

Festival season is about to kick off big time, and when you

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[Infographic] Lesser Known Music Festivals In The UK


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Ways to Increase Artist Merch Sales with Social Media - How Do We Marry the Two?

Selling artist merchandise is still a great way for artists to bring

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6 Tips For Staying Connected When You’re On The Road

Contributed By Emma Siemasko (@EmmaFayeS) You’re on tour, spending nights at shows,

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Become A Big Fish In Your Local Pond

Contributed By Steven Hill (@Scottishste) of Vinyl Puppet As a music fan,

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live performance

5 Tips For Putting On A Killer Live Performance

One of the most valuable things a band can offer their fans

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Want To Start Playing Coachella, Bonnaroo, And Other Major Music Festivals?

Some of the more popular music festivals in the United States can

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What Does It Take To Earn 5 Figures A Month As A Musician?

One of the most common problems that professional musicians have is making

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