Retro style cassette

Copyrights and Royalties: What YOU need to know

So one of the questions I hear most from independent artists is

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What's The Best Music Aggregator?

In this video you'll find out the differences between the most popular

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How To Chart Next Time You Release An Album

Having an album debut on a Billboard chart or iTunes top 100.

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Digital Music Distribution

Everything You Need To Stream And Sell Your Music Online

One of the most common mistakes that independent artists make when releasing

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Upload Music To Spotify

How To Upload Your Music To Spotify And Apple Music

Want to get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming

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Miss A Writes A Song

Songs That Sell - 5 Tips For Songwriters

Making a living as a songwriter can be a challenge, but it’s

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Universal Music Publishing Group

Where To Find A Publisher For Your Music

If you really want to have a profitable career as a musician,

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Music Licensing Infographic

Music Licensing In 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Featured Image: State of The Music Licensing Industry - 2013 | Infographic: The

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