How To Get 100,000 Streams.. The Easy Way (and the free way)

Getting streams is easy.Getting ‘True Fans’ is something else entirely, but that’s

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Spotify Playlist Curator

5 Ways for Independent Artists to Get on Spotify Playlists - for Free

Every aspiring musician wants to get their playlist on Spotify; that’s a

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promote music videos youtube

3 Ways to Promote Your New Music Video on YouTube

Every artist has been there. You’ve posted your latest music video on

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monetize music

How to Monetize Your Music on 4 Key Platforms

In 2021, there are more ways than ever before for musicians to

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Here's What You Need to Know About Spotify's "Loud and Clear" Campaign

In an effort to help artists understand how to handle their streaming

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twitch live stream

Live Streaming on Twitch: What You Need to Promote Your Music in 2021

Live streaming on Twitch had a big year in 2020. When lockdowns

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How Musicians Can Get Their Music on Spotify Playlists in 2021

As an artist, you know that streaming is dominating the music industry

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