Facebook Ad Targeting For Musicians

Facebook advertising is easily one of the best tools for finding and connecting with potential fans that want to discover your music. Click Here To Watch The Full Series On YouTube In this 5-part video series, you’ll learn: How to set up your ad targeting to reach the right audience Optimization techniques to get more […]

The Little Secret That Nobody’s Told You About Branding Your Music

If you’ve been pursuing a career as a musician for any length of time, you’ve probably been told that you need to “brand” yourself and your music. But what does “branding” really mean for musicians? On the surface, there are several elements: Your look. Your sound. What you stand for. But there’s something else that […]

10 Ways to Promote Your Music for Free

By the hour, more and more artists turn to the online world to spread their music, get it heard, and increase fans. As such channels become more and more overcrowded with upcoming artists seeking attention, music promotion proves a necessity. For the starting and independent artists, the digital world presents free services and opportunities for […]

What Does It Take To Earn 5 Figures A Month As A Musician?

One of the most common problems that professional musicians have is making a good living, without having to take on a second or even third job. The thing is… with all of the resources that are available for musicians nowadays, there is no reason why you can’t be making a 5 figure a month income […]

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