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How To 3X Your Views On YouTube Without Uploading Any New Videos

No matter where you are in your career, understanding some basic marketing

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10 Ways to Promote Your Music for Free

As an independent artist, it's always a struggle to find effective ways

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How to Utilize SoundCloud as a Marketing Tool

Getting plays and building a loyal fan base doesn't happen overnight. Ask

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How You Can Use Triller to Monetize and Promote Your Music

If you’ve even just a little tech-savvy, it should come as no

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3 Ways to Promote Your New Music Video on YouTube

Every artist has been there. You’ve posted your latest music video on

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Leveraging Podcast Interviews to Promote Your Music

As of March 2021, Apple Podcasts is home to around 1.9 million

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How To Build a Community Around Your Music on Discord

How can you build a genuine community behind your music, engage with

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Understanding NFTs and How to Use Them in Your Next Release

NFTs have skyrocketed in popularity in a short amount of time. At

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Why ALL Independent Artists Should Be On Andrson

Social media is dominating the music marketing space. So much so that

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